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What is the best story to tell the cog to convince it to keep spinning? Bad at goals
Oh I'm back and the trees don't care

Open casket wedding
Mr. Coin Purse
I forgot to specialize, now I'm dumb to everyone I saw two cops helping each other parallel park I'm feeling lost, Douglas
You've felt lost most of your life, Paper
You are at home in your aimlessness

EGR valve
disparate elements of self/whole
Guy who gets on bus w bike on bus rack, gets off at every stop and races bus to next stop, gets on again and repeat
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it what if you don't believe in finding you're just gonna find yourself disappointed but you won't know how to see it cuz you don't believe in finding anything so what?
I can't tell what is any something anymore
Overcome with the notion that there is something to solve
Bodies are gross and the moisture is temporary
I feel sick in my blood
I've been dreaming about paths and alleyways
Mr. Philips Delivers A One Word Sermon
Artificial Irrelevance
A Friendly Reminder
Don't Look Up

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infinity ammo

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