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vibrant ramblings. excerpt:

what, are you gonna work at the apple store forever?

right now someone is in a kayak or a canoe and they don’t know the difference

which narrative are you living in? which story? which line? are you maybe just a word?

are you a comma or a question mark?

are you a line break?

are you a column or a row? do you even care to know? are you a .jpg or an excel spreadsheet?

did you know that i’m using a computer right now? seriously, i am totally online. what about you?

are you sitting in the attic looking out from behind your solid oak deep dark mahogany pine tree desk, out the oval window into the rain? are you scratching riddles into parchment? are you wiping finger grease off the screen of your brand new macbook air? are you lost in a city in your head? are you hiding on the mountain? are you stuck in a parched stretch of fucked desert? are you becoming?

when entering the job market, be sure to edit your resume and maintain an up-to-date, easy, breezy, beautiful cover letter

let’s host a pop-up job fair for start-ups starting up job fairs using a pop-up format

what, are you gonna be an administrative assistant forever?

he won “most likely to be late for work everyday” i won “most likely to be a copy-cat” he won “most likely to be the least likely to do something”

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